Monday, 2 April 2012

Free Seasonal Tree id Sheets Ready

The Urbane Forager's Seasonal Tree id sheets are now available for free download in pdf format for easy printing. These very useful resources also feature in the Urbane Forager book, where they have been redesigned and updated.
They illustrate and describe various fruit and nut trees through the four seasons for easy identification at any time of year.

Currently available, we have...
Clicking on the appropriate links will enable you to look at or download the pdf sheets onto your computer and print them out at your leisure. Do repost them elsewhere if you want to.

Please give me feedback or add comments if you like them or think I could improve upon them.

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  1. Great information. Are the Cherry Plums flowering over your way yet. Need to get some closeup photos of the real thing. Keep finding Sloe and blackthorn. Cant tell them apart yet.